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  • Nicole L. Birrell (Australia)
    Chair, Board of Trustees
    Director, Victorian Plantations Corporation
  • Víctor Manuel Villalobos Arámbula (Mexico)
    Honorary Chair, Board of Trustees (ex officio member)
    Mexico’s Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER)
  • Martin Kropff (Netherlands)
    (ex officio member)
    Director General, CIMMYT
  • William (Bill) Angus (United Kingdom)
    International Wheat Consultant
  • Margaret Bath (USA)
    Founder and Managing Partner, Strong Harbor, LLC
  • José Ernesto Cacho Ribeiro (Mexico)
    Executive Vice President, Grupo Empresarial G
  • Ramesh Chand (India)
    Member, National Institute for Transforming India Aayog
  • José Antonio Cueto Wong (Mexico)
    (ex officio member)
    Coordinator for Research, Innovation and Partnerships, Mexico’s National Forestry, Crops and Livestock Research Institute (INIFAP)
  • Feng Feng (China)
    Executive Dean, College of Advanced Agricultural Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Neal Gutterson (USA)
    Vice President of Agricultural Biotechnology, DuPont Pioneer, USA
  • Rita Mumm (USA)
    Professor emerita, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Principal, GeneMax Services
  • Bongiwe Njobe (South Africa)
    Company Director and Consultant
  • Harry de Roo (Netherlands)
    Board Member (treasurer), Nationaal Energiebespaarfonds
  • Bob Semple (Ireland)
    Board Member, Suas and GS1 Ireland
    Independent consultant
  • José Fernando de la Torre Sánchez (Mexico)
    Director General of Agricultural Research, Mexico’s National Forestry, Crops and Livestock Research Institute (INIFAP)



  • Martin Kropff
    Director General
  • Marianne Bӓnziger
    Deputy Director General for Research and Partnerships
  • Hans-Joachim Braun
    Director, Global Wheat Program
    Director, WHEAT
  • Olaf Erenstein
    Director, Socioeconomics Program
  • Bruno Gérard
    Director, Sustainable Intensification Program
  • Bram Govaerts
    Director, Integrated Development Program
    Americas Regional Representative
  • Kevin Pixley
    Director, Genetic Resources Program
  • B.M. Prasanna
    Director, Global Maize Program
    Director, MAIZE
  • Arun Kumar Joshi
    Asia Regional Representative
  • Stephen Mugo
    Africa Regional Representative
  • Monika Altmaier
    Director, Human Resources
  • Kick Geels
    Director, Finance
  • Michelle Guertin
    Director, Project Management and Regional Corporate Services Coordination
  • Geneviève Renard
    Director, Communications